World Capoeira Federation
2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on sport capoeira
  11-12 May, Baku, Azerbaijan  

Port City of Baku – Capital of Azerbaijan

Baku, one of the most beautiful world’s cities is located at the joint of Europe and Asia. The capital’s name itself is interpreted as a “wind blow”, “city of winds” or “hill”, “city on the hill”.


The port city of Baku, the cultural, industrial and political capital of Azerbaijan is located on the western Caspian seaside, on the bay shores of the same name in the southern part of the Apsheron Peninsula, rich in its oil fields. Baku consists of 11 administrative districts and 5 townships.


Cultural Baku

Baku is the largest cultural center of Azerbaijan. It is the place where a national theatre, the first in Muslim East, lifted the curtain, the first opera was performed, the first Azerbaijan newspaper was published, the first Azerbaijan library was opened. Today Baku is known to have 30 museums, 7 theatres, 11 institutions of higher education, philharmonic, opera theatre, film studio, cinema theaters and libraries housed in the city’s most beautiful buildings having an interior decoration which is every bit as good as their interior cultural content.


Sport events.

Since 2002, Baku has hosted 38 major sporting events, such as 2015 first European Games and 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games. 

Baku hosts a Formula One race through on the Baku City Circuit. The first was the 2016 European Grand Prix.

The city will also host three group games and one quarter-final of the UEFA Euro 2020 European Football Championship.


First class sporting facilities were built for the indoor games, including the Palace of Hand Games and Heydar Aliyev Sports and Exhibition Complex. It hosted many sporting events, including FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup, Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in 2007 and 2009, 2005 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, 2007 FILA Wrestling World Championships and 2010 European Wrestling Championships, 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships, 2009 Women's Challenge Cup and European Taekwondo Championships in 2007. Since 2011 the city annually hosts WTA tennis event called Baku Cup.


The Synergy Baku Cycling Project participates in the Tour d'Azerbaïdjan a 2.2 multi-stage bicycle race on the UCI Europe Tour.

Baku made a bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics and 2020 Summer Olympics, but failed to become a Candidate City both times.

The largest sport hub in the city is Baku Olympic Stadium with 68,700 seating capacity whose construction was completed in 2015.




For our guests' convenience and comfortable movement, the organizing committee concluded contracts with two hotels. Staying at these 3 and 4 stars hotels, our guests will get price offer lower than the daily one.

The hotel payments shall be provided to the relevant representative of the organizing committee during the Accreditation process to be held one day prior to the competition.

Attention! The person reserving room for someone else on his/her own behalf will bear responsibility for the hotel expenses of that person. 

Accommodation fee for staying in the official hotel per night will be as below:


3 star hotel

Rooms type 

 Price for entire room

 Price for 1   person

Single (1 bed) 



Twin (2 beds) 



Triple (3 beds) 




4 star hotel

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Twin (2 beds) 



Triple (3 beds) 




* Complimentary wireless internet access will be available in the rooms;

* Prices are including all taxes;

* Minibar and extra charges are not included to the prices above;

* Check in will be at 15:00 (3pm) and check out at 12:00 (pm).

* Room charge will be paid to the relevant person in the Accreditation Committee.


How can I book my room?

If you would like to stay at the official hotels of the competition at a lower price, please fill in the booking form for online registration ( While filling in the information, please pay attention to the room type, the names of accommodated people, and other details. 


Other accommodations

All guests opting for another hotel or location to accommodate specific needs can stay separately. Please keep in mind that free transportation is not available in other hotels.

Baku Sport Hall (or Palace of Hand Games)

This facility is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea and near Baku Boulevard in Baku city. Several domestic and international competitions for badminton, judo, futsal, wrestling, table tennis, taekwondo and volleyball have taken place in this sport facility throughout history.

It is one of the most famous facilities which meet the modern standards in Baku now.

Built: in 1974

Reconstructed: in 2015

Spectators capacity : 1736 spectators

2018 World Championship on Sport Capoeira will be held in the main hall of this palace. 3 competition areas (roda) are expected to be installed in the main hall.

In this palace, participants of the competition, organizing committee and media will take advantage of modern rooms, and all accredited persons of free WiFi internet access.