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New WCF president, Mr Orujov, assumes charge of his office

DATE: 04.10.2016

As per the decision of the management board of WCF, the election to select the president of WCF was held on October 3rd, 2016. The result of the election was declared and Mr. Taleh Orujov from Azerbaijan was designated to be the new president. Mr. Roman Belov from Russia is re-designated as the vice-president of international relationship whereas Mr. Ramid Niftalijev from Estonia is appointed as vice-president of culture. The president and vice presidents took oaths in a small ceremony. Mr. Taleh Orujov said that he would continue to strive to achieve the goals set by pioneers of WCF and will expect all WCF members to cooperate with him in future.

Mr. Orujov will retain this position until next elections on November, 2018.


We wish Mr Taleh Orujov to have a very rewarding and successful tenure in terms of growth and progress of the federation as well as establishing capoeira as a famous sport in the international world.