World Capoeira Federation
2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on sport capoeira
  11-12 May, Baku, Azerbaijan  

Competition consists of classification, 1/4 final, 1/2 (semi final) and final stages.

In all stages participants will compete in “regional” rhythm twice in 30-50 seconds (depending on group) in order to determine a winner for the next round.

If result of the 1st and 2nd round is equal competitors compete 3rd round.

In the stages alignment is carried out in accordance with numbering during “roda”s and athletes who are standing face to face are considered rival athletes.

Sequence  of the performances:


All group classification rounds (1s, 2nd etc group classifications)

1/4 final, semi final and final stages of the 1st group;

1/4 final, semi final and final stages of the 2nd group;

- award ceremony of the 1st group;

-1/4 final, semi final and final stages of the 3rdgroup;

- award ceremony of the 2nd group;


Other groups also continue with this sequence.  

Download all regulations in the 1 file

Each participant shall perform individually.

The game begins with “Pe do Berimbau”. The players shall greet each other with hand and begin the game with “Au” after the hint of referee. After finish signal of the referee the players greet with hand again and take their places after the last participant in “roda”.

Any disrespect and impoliteness by players towards referees, players or fans may result their disqualification from the championship.

Hands may be used only for defense during the game (for example: Martelo).

A competitor shall use his hand and head in “Vingative” position and shoulders in “Cruxifixoda”.

Download all regulations in the 1 file

Playing during “roda”s (regional) is conducted by 5 judges and 2 referees.

The followings are evaluated highly and judges will define winners for:

1st Judge for:

- Rhythm and Jogo (game corresponding to the competitor, sequence.)


2nd Judge for:

- Safety and deviation from the attack (“Esquiva”, “Querta baixa” “Negativa”, “Queda de quatro”.)


3rd Judge for:

- Correct regulation of the movements.

- Physique and elasticity of  competitor.


4th Judge for:

- The diversity of movements and majority of complex movements.


5th Judge for:

- Knocking down the competitor (“Vengative”, “Tesoura”, “Arrastau”, “Negativa Derrubando”, “Rasteira”.)

- Kicking the competitor according to the rules (“Martelo”, “Bensao”, “Chapa”.)

- Jump and passages over competitor (e.g. “Au”, “Macaco lateral”, “Parafuso”.)

- 5th judge also notes and deducts points for warnings.


For the followings competitor will receive warning:

- “Markaçao” (Markaçao means waiting chance doing many “ginga” while attack.).

- Inactiveness of players more than 3 seconds.

- Entering the game without “Au”.


The followings are forbidden during the game and a competitor will get yellow card for:

- Doing “Volta ao Mundo”.

- Hold, beat and to hinder other player’s movement, any kind of aggression.

- Beats with the back of the head.

- Three yellow cards mean automatically disqualification.


Download all regulations in the 1 file


Master Paulao

Master Itapoan

Master Boa Gente

Master Mao Branca


Master Suino

Master Ousado

Master Peixe

Master Hulk


Master Boneco

Master Burgues

Master Elias

Master Tayson


Master Jelon Vieira

Uniform of referee corps consists of black jacket, white shirt and yellow tie.

Participants will perform in rounds barefooted. 

Uniform of athlets which getting to participate in the championship consists of white trousers and cord (cordao) related to its group and according to its sport level. Sport shirt with number for participation in the championship will be given to participants for free.