World Capoeira Federation
Hong Kong Open
  International Tournament, WCF licensed event. Ranking class IV  

Master Barrão


Master Barrão - Mr. Marcos Da Silva

Marcos  Da Silva (known Barrão) as Mestre was born in Recife in 1961 into a state of poverty. He displayed an early talent for the drums with which he earned his keep as a lad. At the age of 13, Pirajá (who was taught by his brother, a student of Mestre Bimba) took young Marcos under his wing and started to teach him Capoeira. An academy capoeirista by trade, Pirajá taught Barrão the techniques and discipline of Capoeira. Mestre Barrão began to enter tournaments and was crowned the Brazilian Champion in the National Capoeira Championships in Rio de Janeiro.

He opened his school, Grupo Axé Capoeira, in 1982, passing on his vast knowledge and experience. In 1987, he was given the honour and rank of 1st Degree Mestre by Pirajá. He moved to Vancouver and opened an academy there. In 2007, he launched an academy in his hometown of Recife and currently resides there. Currently, he has dedicated his life to being at the forefront of the evolution of Capoeira and passes on this philosophy to all 20,000 members of his school.


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