World Capoeira Federation
Hong Kong Open
  International Tournament, WCF licensed event. Ranking class IV  

Master Peixe - Mr. Andre Luiz Campos Cerutti

Andre Cerutti / Mestre Peixe’s achievement in 2004 was the highest belt of Capoeira, the black belt, from the founders of Capoeira Brasil and guests Mestre Acordeon, Mestre “Antonio” Vargas, Mestre Lobão, Mestre Peixinho, Mestre Gato, Mestre Hulk, Mestre Rã, Mestre Ramos, Mestre Cabeça, Mestre Indio, Mestre Girino, Mestre Naval, Mestre Mão Branca, Mestre Paulão and Mestre Boneco.


André Cerutti was given his capoeira nickname by Mestre Boneco at his first grading. The name Peixe Ensaboado means ‘slippery fish’.


Mestre Peixe was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil on the 25th January 1969 and began his training with Mestre Boneco in 1985. Prior to this he had trained in a number of martial arts, but found Capoeira captured his attention after watching a display by Mestre Boneco.


Peixe After joining his family in Australia in 1992, Mestre Peixe hoped to train Australians in the same way he was trained in Brasil. From small beginnings, hundreds of people have been introduced to Capoeira through Mestre Peixe. Some of these have gone on to qualify as Capoeira instructors and teachers and continue to work with Peixe under the Group Capoeira Brasil banner.


Mestre Peixe has helped to contribute hugely to the standard of Capoeira in Australia. He has brought many of the great Capoeira Mestres out to Australia for workshops and festivals and has given demonstrations, festival performances and made appearances in film and television.


  • Founder & Head Master  of Group Capoeira Brasil  in Australia.
  • Founder and Artistic Director of Australian Capoeira Association
  • Co-Founder & Director  of International Capoeira College (ICC)
  • Capoeira Pioneer  in Australia  Since 1992
  • Capoeira Master & Supervise in New Caledonia & Hong Kong  Capoeira Schools.


Teacher of Capoeira at institutions including:


  • NSW Government, NSW Adult Migrant English Service – 1992
  • Sydney University, Department of Anthropology Seminars – 1996 to 1997
  • UWS Nepean, Dance Program – 2000
  • Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Armidale – 2000
  • University of Wollongong, Department of Cultural Studies – 2007
  • Australia Sport Commissional, after school program – 2006 to 2009
  • National Aboriginal & Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA)
  • University of Sydney, UNSW
  • Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs Community College
  • Warringah Evening College
  • Sydney Evening College





  • Physical Body Education Course – Australia and Brasil
  • First Aid Course, St John’s Ambulance – Australia and Brasil
  • Hospitality Certificate – TAFE, Australia
  • Small Business Course – TAFE, Australia
  • TAE 40110 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment –Australia
  • Australia Sport Commission ID: 10621-1175 (Community Coach &  Referee training program )
  • SRS40203 Certificate IV in Sport (Coaching) – Australia



Contact information:



Cell. +61425323930