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Hong Kong Open
  International Tournament, WCF licensed event. Ranking class IV  

Master Paulao

Master Paulão Ceará - Mr. Paulo Sales Neto

Until 1989 – Mestre Paulão Ceará trained and taught with Group Senzala. 1989 – Mestre Paulão founded Grupo Capoeira Brasil with Mestres Boneco and Mestre Paulinho Sabia. Further developing the capoeira from Fortaleza in Ceara. The group has growing quickly and has become one of the defining style organisations in Brazil. 1993 to now – Mestre Paulão moved to the Netherlands and gives shape to the development of capoeira in Europe. Mestre Paulão has trained teachers and a number of Brazilian students to teach here in Europe.. Meanwhile, Grupo Capoeira Brasil now has schools in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Sweden.

The classes are taught by graduados, instrutores, Profesores and Contra-Mestres, under the supervision of Mestre Paulão.

Since 1993, Mestre Paulão numerous workshops, TV appearances and demonstrations at home and abroad. Mestre Paulão is a welcome guest at the batizados of other organisations, and travels around the world to visit other capoeira events.


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