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Hong Kong Open
  International Tournament, WCF licensed event. Ranking class IV  

Master Elias

 Master Elias- Mr. Jose Elias Da Silva


Mestre Elias (Jose Elias Da Silva) started practicing Capoeira since 1968. With devotion and determination in the learning of the art of Capoeira, he became a Mestre (highest rank in capoeira) in 1990 and has thus been known among capoeiristas as "Mestre Elias".

 Mestre Elias is the founder of "ASSOCIAÇÃO GRUPO SENZALA DE CAPOEIRA DE TERESÓPOLIS (the Senzala Capoeira Group of Teresopolis). The association is based in Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The association has also been established all over Europe in countries such as England, France and Germany under the supervision of Mestre Elias' students - Contra Mestre Michel York and Contra Mestre Banana. Mestre Elias has also sent Professor Parabolica to Malaysia and the Philippines to open more branches of the association in Southeast Asia. 

Having students all over Brazil, Europe, and now Southeast Asia, the association in Teresopolis functions as a center of intercultural exchange with capoeiristas from various backgrounds constantly learning this Brazilian art. 

Today, Mestre Elias travels around the world participating in meetings, functions, giving lectures, seminars and courses, while attending batizados and troca de corda (grading events) - dedicating his life to promoting and introducing the art of Capoeira to the world.