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Hong Kong Open
  International Tournament, WCF licensed event. Ranking Category IV  

Master Suino

Master Suino - Mr. Elto Pereira de Brito

Mestre Suino (Elto Pereira de Brito) founded Grupo Candeias in 1977. A graduate in Physical Education and post-graduate in Teaching Physical Education, Mestre Suino is always seeking ways to improve the standard of his teachers and students and encouraging the study of Capoeiras folklore and history. He has written three books; Fundamentos da Capoeira, No Caminho do Mestre and Capoeira e Religiao. “Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art. Capoeira is fight, dance, game, self-defense, gymnastics, folklore, art, education, history, physical education, pleasure, fun and therapy.

Capoeira is the combination of dance, fight and game.” - Mestre Suino, founder of Grupo Candeias. Grupo Candeias, from Brazil, is one of the world’s biggest Capoeira organizations, with over 10,000 students and schools in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Ireland.In Grupo Candeias we practise and teach many types of Capoeira, songs and musical instruments of Capoeira, Maculele (a dance with sticks or machetes), and traditional Brazilian dances such as Samba and Danca Guerreira (Warrior’s Dance).


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